How to use the Arm Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Relax your body to keep calm and then wear a cuff: After you relax for 5 minutes, try to choose a quiet environment to get ready for measurement. Tie the cuff on the upper side of the elbow joint 1-50px, palm up, and straighten the rubber tube parallel to the palm of your hand. Tighten the end of the cuff outwards, and fix it on the outside of the cuff with a Velcro button. The roll and tie are firm, and it is better to insert a finger.


Press the power button to start automatic measurement: adjust your sitting posture, place your palms up, and keep your palms and chest on the same level. Once press the power button, the machine will automatically pressurize, and gradually present the value.  Do not speak,eat or move your body during the measurement process.

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